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Welcome to the heart of Artistic Dentistry, where we introduce you to the person behind the art of creating beautiful, healthy smiles. Meet Dr. Melissa Loftin, a Baton Rouge native whose journey through dentistry has been marked by dedication, service, and a passion for enhancing lives through responsible esthetics.

Outside of her practice, Dr. Loftin enjoys spending time with her husband, Carter, and her son, Mac. Their family is complete with four loving dogs: Mr. Blue, Maverick, Tank, and Chloe. Dr. Loftin's love for her family extends to her patients, where she treats each individual as a part of her extended dental family.

Meet Dr. Melissa Loftin

  • Dr. Melissa Loftin is a Baton Rouge native who pursued her dream of becoming a dentist at the LSU School of Dentistry. Her unwavering commitment to the field has been honed through her four years of service in the US Navy. Dr. Loftin's journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise, shaping her into the skilled and compassionate dentist she is today.

  • With years of experience under her belt, Dr. Loftin brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to Artistic Dentistry. Her dedication to providing top-tier dental care is unwavering, making her a trusted and skilled practitioner in the field.

  • Dr. Loftin's service in the US Navy has not only honed her skills but has instilled in her a sense of discipline, precision, and a strong work ethic. Her military background is a testament to her commitment to excellence in dentistry.

  • Dr. Loftin is proud to be a member of esteemed organizations such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. These memberships reflect her ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field.

  • Dr. Loftin sees dentistry as an art that has a profound impact on a person's entire life. Her approach to responsible esthetics doesn't just focus on cosmetic attributes but extends to airway and overall health. She believes that a beautiful smile can positively affect one's confidence, overall health, and quality of life.

  • Dr. Loftin's patient-centered approach ensures that each patient receives personalized and compassionate care. She understands that every patient is unique and that their dental needs should be addressed with precision and a caring touch.

Dr. Melissa Loftin is more than a dentist; she is your smile's best friend and advocate. Her dedication, experience, and passion for enhancing lives through responsible esthetics make her a trusted partner in your journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile. Schedule your appointment today and experience the artistry of dentistry with Dr. Loftin at Artistic Dentistry.

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